Saturday, 13 December 2014

Woman Brutalised by Police was pregnant, faces fear of having a miscarriage

26-year-old Grace Smith who was brutalised along with her husband, Ejeh, and left with horrific injuries last week Wednesday after a beating by Dada Ogunsanya, a policeman attached to the Ikoyi Police Division, Lagos, now faces the fear of having a miscarriage.

“We have been looking forward to a child since we got married more than a year ago. I had no idea I was already pregnant at the time of the beating. Now I may lose it. My problem now is not about the injuries I sustained but the fear that I may lose my baby. How can anybody compensate me for that? The doctors said they are monitoring my condition for now. I realised that I had been bleeding since the day of the incident. I thought it was a normal menstrual flow. I was shocked when they told me that I was pregnant. My doctor said the bleeding is a big problem as the foetus may be harmed.” she told Punch.

Also speaking on the fear of losing their unborn child, Ejeh said they have been in prayers since they learnt of the pregnancy to prevent a miscarriage.

“My wife is undergoing intensive treatment and checks. But right now, all we can do is pray that she does not lose the baby. The agony will be too much if she does. We have not had a child since we got married. This baby is supposed to be our first child and we have anticipation about that. I don’t even know what I would do if that happens.”

The Police Public Relations Officer in the State, Mr. Kenneth Nwosu, has said that an orderly room trial had been constituted to determine Ogunsanya’s fate.

He said:“The man (Ejeh) has not come to give statement. All entreaties to him to come and give his statement have not been successful. The complainant’s statement is critical to the orderly room trial. It will enable the adjudicating officer to arrive at an unbiased verdict.”