Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Photos: Of Alleged Nigerians Languishing In Angola Prisons

One of the victims is believed to have sent a note to CKN explaining how Nigerians are languishing in Angola prisons for Visa offences. In his little note, most of them get in legally, but the government purposely delays extending their visas even when they are willing to pay, and then gets them arrested shortly after their visas expires. They go house to house searching for visa offenders and even as far as going into churches to fish them out. Find the short note below

“My guy I want u to post this so that the whole world will see the kind of country we re into that doesn't have human right. This is what we re passing true now in Angola not only Nigerian also other countries. When u enter there country and apply for visa they will keep posting u until the visa expires then they will b chesting u up and down because of document.70% of Nigerian here doesn’t have document.they have being going house to house shop even churches to arrest strangers. Some Nigerians pay 6000$ for 1 year working visa yet when u get to there air port they will put u in jail that the document is fake.some are willing to pay 10,000$ for one year working visa yet nothing. For 3 days now some people have been indoor because of the fear. the worst is that pregnant women and mothers with 6 month baby are involve. many embassy have been there yet they told them they don’t want to speak with them for now.no human right. Are we not one Africa?at least u send them back to there country instead of putting them in cell like this. And ur brothers are the one to pay for all the expenses to u get to ur country they will not spend there penny or u stay there.if u have anybody in Angola confirm this news pls.share so that d whole world will see there wickedness ."