Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mum murders own daughter in Ekiti after confessing to be a witch

A 300 level student of the Federal College of Educa­tion, Ikere-Ekiti, Oluwafunmilayo Rosaline Abosede Adanikin has been gruesomely murdered by her own mother, Mrs. Victoria Aina Adanikin.

The deceased, 22, was murdered in their home in Idamodu area of Emure-Ekiti, Emure Local Government Area of Ekiti State, on the 7th of December.

Narrating how the incident occurred, an old woman, who is a neighbour to the family told Sun Newsapaper “Abosede had confessed to killing a relative of her mum as well as causing the misfortune that befell her father, Pa Titus Folorunso Adanikin, among other things before we heard that she had died that night. The incident caused a stir in the community, as the girl actually made the confessions in the full glare of the public."

"She was taken to some churches for prayers and spiritual deliverance where she spent days confessing and disrupting the peace of everyone there. She was even said to have confessed to be in a spiritual cult in which she already had two babies. She said she would return to her home in the occult world whenever she lost her virginity here on earth. She also revealed that she had lost her virginity recently.”

Also speaking on the issue, another resident said “Abosede’s confessions were reported to our traditional ruler, Oba Emmanuel Adebayo (a former Commissioner of Police) who immediately ordered that the girl and her mum should report at the palace so the matter could be looked into according to the traditions of the land."

The Oba sent his messenger with the royal staff, but Mrs. Adanikin lied to the bearers of the king’s message that the girl didn’t confess to committing anything. They said she only had some mental problems. But as soon as the king’s messenger left, she tied the hands and legs of the girl so as to tame her.

Her neighbours said "when it was late in the night, she began to beat the girl in the room where she had her locked up and eventually pushed her against some planks earlier kept there by her late father to make doors for his uncompleted building."

"It was then that the girl lost consciousness. Adanikin then arranged for people who procured a coffin. She told the hired men to force her dying daughter inside the coffin for burial even when it appeared that the girl had not entirely given up the ghost. It was early the next day that Adanikin had her daughter buried. She buried the girl beside the uncompleted building of her late father, Pa Folorunso Titus Adanikin. The uncompleted building is in Mosafejo area of Emure-Ekiti. If you go there now, you will discover that there are two fresh graves there. One is for Pa Adanikin while the other is Abosede’s grave.”

Although the woman in question, Mrs. Adanikin, is nowhere to be found, one of her relatives, insists that the story is false.

“Aina (Mrs. Adanikin) is not capable of hurting a fly, let alone killing her own daughter. Please don’t believe what those people are saying. How is it possible for a mother who has suffered so much to bring up a child as fully-grown as Abosede to find it easy to kill her?"

"It is not true. It is not also true that she killed her daughter to prevent the girl from exposing their witchcraft as is being insinuated in some quarters. And as to why the woman just disappeared the next morning after the hasty burial of the deceased, she may just be afraid or too shocked and ashamed to face the people after the embarrassment that the mental imbalance displayed by the deceased has caused her. Anyone could do that. You needed to be in this town when the deceased went gaga, saying all sorts of despicable things against herself, her mum and the relatives. It had been a huge embarrassment to us all and a big disgrace also.”