Sunday, 2 November 2014

I was really surprised. I didn’t know anything about it "Helen Oritsejafor" Responded to jet’s involvement in the $9.3m money for arms saga

How did the news of his  jet’s involvement in the $9.3m money for arms saga hit you?

I was really surprised. I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know our plane was out of the country because we leased it out to a company in Abuja so that we will be able to utilize whatever comes out of the deal for the maintenance of the plane because it is quite expensive.

So we didn’t know. We read and heard comments some people made concerning it, unknown to us that our plane was actually involved. We were really surprised just like many other people.

In all honesty, by the time we got to know that it was Papa’s plane, we knew that enemies were trying to play some prank. It is natural because he is a symbol of Christianity in Nigeria. If anyone wants to move against Christianity in Nigeria, it would be easier for the one to go after the symbol. The only thing is I wasn’t expecting people to get really dirty as they did.

The whole episode appeared as if somebody was out for some sinister joke…
It’s quite obvious. Take for instance, why was it that it was Papa’s plane that would be hired? How would it be that it would be his plane of all planes in Nigeria that they needed for that mission? It’s still very baffling. Number two, it became obvious that it was orchestrated and the whole essence of it is to see how they can give him a name God has not given to him, and all because he has been a very outspoken man.

I know him too well, he is a very down to earth person, and he doesn’t know how to hide his feelings. He is a very quiet and reserved person. But then when there is a need for him to speak about anything, he would rather confront things the way they are rather than to hide behind his fingers. That is not him. I know quite a number of people have been very uncomfortable with that especially with the Boko Haram situation.

Let’s be frank, who would not be affected? You are leading a body and gradually, there seems to be an elimination of this same group of people. You would be a wicked leader not to react. I wouldn’t even call you one not to have reacted towards what was really going on in Nigeria and is still going on by the way.
So he made every effort. He noticed that our government wasn’t really upcoming with a lot of things; we seem to try to politicize a lot of things in Nigeria which is quite troubling.

He went out of his way to go address the US Congress. It was quite obvious that terrorism was being financed not just from within but from outside as well, whether to destabilize or in a way, indirectly force on Nigeria a particular religion which is quite shameful.

And he was not comfortable with that. If you would know, this was injustice. So he is now paying the price for being an outspoken man, defending his people, defending Christianity in Nigeria, and do not want Nigerians having to hide their heads later on in life because whichever way we look at it, history will tell.

On why people would politicize a purely security issue like that?

So a personality like Papa Ayo Oritsejafor, is a threat to anyone who sees him as one because they believe he has a voice, he has a clout, coupled with the fact that the present president of Nigeria happens to be a Christian who is also from the South-South. So they believe that this man is definitely going to support his brother, he would want him to come back being a Christian as well.

On his Relationship with President Jonathan ?

It is so amazing. I do not want to be rude or saucy so I’m trying as much as possible to hold my peace. Let me say this, I would love it if people can help me define that word ‘close’. Yes there’s a relationship that has to do with being in his position as the President of CAN and President Jonathan as the President of Nigeria.

Automatically, whether he likes it or not, there will be some level of interaction and that is what Nigerians are calling closeness. Maybe they should tell us how President Jonathan gave him one naira to buy a plane.

I don’t really think that Pastor Ayo is closer to the president than the Sultan of Sokoto, the co-chair of NIREC. This is not to say that Papa hates Jonathan, no he does not. He is a Christian and so as a Christian father to the nation, he tries his best to provide a guard. He speaks out whenever necessary.

She also went further to advice people to deceit from saying things that they don't know 

What I am saying is that please before you start giving this man a bad name, find out the true position of things. Do not go out there forgetting that he is a husband to a woman and he is a father as well. Besides that, he is a man who has sacrificed himself. I think Nigerians even have him more than I do.