Thursday, 18 December 2014

"I want a cute, little fat baby! " Says Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj can pass for the most talked about in recent time. With the release of her nud€ pictures for her 2015 calendar, the release of her “Pinkprint” album which became number 1 barely 30 minutes to the release and booming business, the 32 year old star has definitely achieved a lot for herself.

The pills and portion singer joined Ellen DeGeneres on Monday morning and got chatting about her future, a family and when she will decide to finally settle down.

She said “People always ask me when are you going to slow down,” the Pinkprint artist explains.   “So I figured to think of like an astronimical amount of money and tell them so they would stop asking me.  So whenever I make $500 million. “I will have a family even if I don’t have $500 million, but if I’m not taking a break for family, it would have to be because of $500 million,” she says with a laugh.  Ellen couldn’t help but remind her that starting a family isn’t necessarily going to be a break.  It will be exhausting! Minaj responded “I know, But I want a cute, little fat baby! I mean, not now, but one day I want a cute, fat baby. And if it’s not fat? Then I don’t want it” 


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